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419 - CopyThis practice is dedicated to providing a safe, therapeutic space in which an individual’s healing process can occur.

Your path to Self-Healing

Everybody’s path in life is unique.  When illness and symptoms arise, they are simply messengers alerting us to our healing needs.  I believe healing is a process that come from within and starts with listening to our bodies and hearts.  My aim is to create a space that supports this process.  Whether your concerns are physical health, emotional issues or exploring personal development, as an experienced practitioner, I support people in restoring ease and balance in their lives, helping them align with their true potential.

Services Available

Reiki Tuition, Reiki,
Life Alignment,
Metamorphic Technique,
Dowsing Tuition,
Geopathic Stress Assessments,

Who might benefit?

People have made appointments with me for a wide variety of reasons including:
allergies and sensitivities, poor circulation, low in confidence, coping with change, depression, detoxification, digestive problems, CFS/ME, disability, eating disorders, emotional issues/emotional release, feelingstuck’ or ‘lost’ in life, searching for direction, bereavement, fibromyalgia, finding one’s life purpose, hormonal issues,  anxiety, weak immune system, improving health and well-being, improving relationships, insomnia, grief, low self esteem, migraine, pain, poor sleep, poor motivation, obsessive compulsive disorder, relaxation, fertility, recovery from surgery, stress, trauma, changing negative thinking and habits and more.
You can read about clients’ experiences on the testimonial page.

I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on life’s journey.


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