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Everybody’s path in life is unique.  When illness and symptoms arise, they are simply messengers alerting us to our healing needs.  My role is to create a safe, therapeutic space that supports your healing process.  Whether your concerns are physical health, emotional issues or exploring personal development, as an experienced practitioner, I support people in restoring ease and balance in their lives, helping them align with their true potential.

As you browse through this site, you may feel drawn to one or more of the techniques. They are gentle and safe for everyone.  If you can’t decide, why not contact me for a chat or book in to discuss and muscle test the most appropriate modality for you. Quite often, I can combine modalities, and also teach simple, practical and effective techniques, to offer a personalised approach to restore balance and wellbeing.

Services Available

Reiki Tuition, ReikiLife AlignmentMetamorphic TechniqueDowsing Tuition

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I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on life’s journey.

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