About Weleda

weleda_bannerWeleda is the world’s leading, and original “green” brand, providing natural, organic,  biodynamic holistic skincare, bodycare and anthroposophic medicines.  Remaining committed to these principles, Weleda has, unsurprisingly, grown to be the largest manufacturer of natural, ethical skin, body and baby care globally.  View the latest brochure or purchase your favourite items.

Weleda Origins

weledalogojpgFounded in 1921, Weleda’s roots are in anthroposophy which was developed by the pioneering scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. His approach sees body, mind and spirit as a whole system which can heal itself.  Anthroposophic medicine stimulates the body’s natural healing ability, restoring balance and strengthening the life force.  This is what makes Weleda unique.

Award Winning

WeledaWeleda have won (and continue to win) countless beauty, baby care, green and ethical awards for their products and sustainable ethics. Renowned for creating the highest quality medicine, and cosmetics, made from pure, 100% natural substances. Many of the plants and herbs, which make up the formulas, are grown in a biodynamic medicine garden in Derbyshire. Addititonal plants come from sustainable, organic farms that meet fair trade standards.

Organic and Biodynamic

birchleafWeleda products are tested to NATRUE standards, a certification system of very high standards. The ingredients/products are 100% natural and never contain synthetic. Weleda also use biodynamic agriculture. This means growing plants to the highest organic standards whilst taking into account rhythms and cycles of the days, sun, moon, seasons and the planets. Crops are planted or harvested at the optimum time so plants have a strong inherent life force and a more potent effect.

Ethical and Sustainable

_defaultWeleda pride themselves in their standards of responsible interaction with the environment. Sustainability, fair trade, active protection of resources through cultivation and species protection projects and a high level of transparency for the benefit of the customers are all a matter of course. They work alongside many organisations that support ethical, green projects and companies.

I have personally used Weleda for many years and their products and medicines complement my work as a Natural Health Practitioner, helping to support clients’ wellbeing and health of all ages.

As a Wellbeing Advisor with Weleda, you can contact me if you would like to host an event, have any queries or wish to place an order.