Shoden – First Teachings

Shoden sets the foundations of Reiki training and practice.  It opens you to Reiki energy, increasing the flow of ki (energy) through the body’s energetic pathways. Shoden is learning to step out of the way, becoming an open and clear channel for Reiki to flow. Shoden equips you with all you need to practice Reiki for your own benefit and also to give to family and friends.

Reikigold Reikigold

Content includes: what Reiki is and the purpose of Reiki, Reiki history and principles, the three diamonds energy centres and working with earth and heavenly ki, 4 empowerments, introduction to working with energy, how to be a clear channel, breathing/meditation techniques, creating a therapeutic space, hand positions for self-healing and treating others. Full, comprehensive training manual provides a structure for the course and post course learning.

Requirements: students are required to undertake a 21 day period of self-healing practice.  N.B. varying degrees of change and/or symptoms of detox may occur during this period.  You will be offered as much support as you need.

This course is 1 full day with a 2 hour follow up session following completion of the 21 day self-healing practise.  Certificates are given at the follow up session.  All students receive on-going support and access to Reiki share group and Reiki Practice class.  Participant numbers on group training are kept small.  Students who have previously studied Shoden with me can refresh/resit for half price. Individual tuition is available.

Reiki training is held at the peaceful Woodlands Natural Health Centre in Derby.  Details of deposits and course fees can be found on the Prices page. Please contact me to enquire or reserve a space.