Life Alignment Testimonial

“An amazing and revealing experience”

Your kindness and attention to us was really wonderful and very much appreciated. We both had an amazing and revealing experience. Ed especially was really impressed (it wouldn’t have been something that he’d ordinarily consider experiencing!)

Thanks again for making our day ( and our continuing life journey) thoroughly rewarding and delightful.

Jennifer & Ed – Ireland

“I found Life Alignment extrememly helpful”

As always, I found Life Alignment extremely helpful.  I was pleased with how at ease I felt and how delicately Louise handled matters. The shift in me didn’t happen immediately, but within a few days I could feel a huge difference. The repetitive thoughts I had been having for months, which were anxiety driven, were gone. Thank you once again.

R. McElroy

“Enabled me to release deep anxiety”

It is not often that I do testimonials, but I feel a need to pass my experience on to others. The treatment enabled me to release deep anxiety, from over the past ten years, lifting a great weight from my shoulders. I now feel at peace and happier with my life, with more energy to face life’s challenges. I cannot thank Louise enough for her help.

Maggie M. – Staffordshire.

“Louise is a wonderful conduit for healing energy”

Louise is a wonderful conduit for healing energy and such a non-judgemental person. The session was extremely peaceful, relaxing and profound, touching right to the core of a deeply held issue that I did not actually present directly to Louise. I highly recommend working with her and I am in the highest Gratitude for loving nature and skill. Thank you.

Sarah R. – Derby