Establishing your Practice

This is a two part workshop looking at setting you own practice in holistic healthcare.  It is primarily aimed at Okuden who are thinking about practising formally.  However, it is also open to practitioners from other disciplines who are just starting out and need ideas and support as to where to begin.

Part 1 – Laying the Foundations.

The first part will tune into Winter energy.  The earth is slowing down, reserving its energy stores to prepare itself for the movement needed in Spring.   We will look at preparation, laying foundations. Tuning into your own ethos, essence to establish the core of your practice.  Establishing what makes your business unique and what it is you want to be offering to the world.  This first session is looking at establishing the foundations on which your practice can grow.

Part 2 – Sowing the Seeds.

Spring energy is rising, upward movement and growth.  Having established a solid foundation, this is a perfect time for us to sow seeds for our business, nurture them, water them and watch them grow.  Part two is ‘sowing the seeds’, ways to let your business grow and let clients find you.   We will look at very practical ways to put yourself out there so clients can find you.

Cost: £80

Places are limited. Training takes place at Woodlands Natural Health Centre in Derby and will run 2.00-4.30.  To enquire or reserve a place, call 07952 221148 or contact me.