Shoden Refresher/Resit

765This course has been born out of an increasing number of requests from people who have already completed Shoden but feel their Reiki practice has slipped. It is specially designed for those who feel a bit ‘rusty’ and their confidence and knowledge could do with a boost, so they can feel in touch with Reiki once more.

It is a one day revision course using theory, discussion and practical work. Content includes the revision of: what Reiki is and the purpose of Reiki, Reiki history and principles, working with energy, how to be a clear channel, breathing/meditation techniques, creating a therapeutic space, hand positions for self-healing and treating others. Please note this course does not include empowerments and does not replace the full Shoden training.  Students will be offered Reiju.  Ongoing support is offered.

A CPD certificate of attendance will be given. This is not the same as the certificate on completion of Shoden.

Reiki training is held at the peaceful Woodlands Natural Health Centre in Derby.  Details of deposits and course fees can be found on the Prices page. Please contact me to enquire or reserve a space.