Vortex Cards

Vortex Cards are an invaluable dimension of Life Alignment.

Our bodies are constantly inundated with the effects of invisible, environmental pollution such as electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, mobile phones and electrical appliances, geopathic stress and a host of other toxic subtle energies. The purpose of the Vortex Cards is to balance and clear these harmful energies, creating a more harmonious environment for us to live in and to enhance our vitality and well-being.  They can be used in our homes and workplace, for energising our food and water, protection against the harmful effects of mobile phones, personal protection and healing.

Where and How are Vortex Cards used?

The Vortex cards are designed to balance several aspects of our environment as well as healing for our bodies.

HOMES AND WORK PLACE – balancing electromagnetic radiation/fields and geopathic stress, balancing the negative energies in our homes, enhancing the quality of air. Many buildings have a sick or imbalanced environment causing the occupants to feel tired, weak, anxious or sometimes depressed.

FOOD AND WATER – energizes and balances the effect of chemical additives, pesticides, insecticides, irradiation, genetic engineering and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

TELEPHONES, MOBILE PHONES, INTERNET AND CABLE TV – balances the electromagnetic fields and other frequencies we receive via these channels.

PERSONAL PROTECTION – from electromagnetic fields and radiation, geopathic stress, negative energies from people and thought forms.

LAND AND VEGETATION – protection from environmental pollution, geopathic stress and the earth grid system (Hartmann Net and Curry grid) which can cause electromagnetic disturbances when they converge, to energize the vegetable and mineral kingdoms.

PERSONAL HEALING – the cards have demonstrated remarkable ability to heal the body, relieve pain, for structural alignment, balancing the organs and body systems, chakras and the subtle energy fields. During a Vortex Alignment session, the practitioner will place the cards on vibrational energy points that reflect the energy of the organs, glands and systems of the body.

The Vortex Card used specifically for protection against geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields is:

Rainbow vortex card

The Rainbow card

Designed to balance and harmonize the atmosphere of an entire house, office or small building. It is programmed with the necessary frequencies to negate the harmful effects of all geopathic stress lines and electromagnetic radiation within the environment. It creates a positive energy vortex which facilitates a flow of healing energy and an atmosphere filled with vitality. The energies harnessed in this card have been drawn from the highest source with the intent of creating an environment to harmonize with the raising frequencies of our planet.


vortex pendant
without vortex pendant with vortex pendant
The vortex pendant contains the Square, Hexagon and Seed of Life cards and is worn to protect the wearer from geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields and the negative energies that we come into contact with everyday. It helps to strengthen and magnify the wearer’s energy field.The photographs illustrate the effects of the pendant on my own auric field. without vortex pendant with vortex pendant
without vortex pendant
with vortex pendant

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