Which Therapy For Me?

Feeling Out of Balance?

Do you experience any of the following? Fatigue, tiredness, pain, weakness, lethargy, apathy, headaches, poor sleep, reduced concentration, feeling stuck or in a rut, not feeling able to cope, or irritability.

Who Might Benefit?

People have made appointments with me for a wide variety of reasons including:
allergies and sensitivities, poor circulation, low in confidence, coping with change, depression, detoxification, digestive problems, CFS/ME, disability, eating disorders, emotional issues/emotional release, feelingstuck’ or ‘lost’ in life, searching for direction, bereavement, fibromyalgia, finding one’s life purpose, hormonal issues,  anxiety, weak immune system, improving health and well-being, improving relationships, insomnia, grief, low self esteem, migraine, pain, poor sleep, poor motivation, obsessive compulsive disorder, relaxation, fertility, recovery from surgery, stress, trauma, changing negative thinking and habits and more.

Restoring Balance - Waterlillies

Restoring Balance

The body, and it’s energy field, is incredibly sensitive and fine-tuned, constantly interacting with and adjusting to the environment, to maintain a state of balance. However, stressors can take their toll leading to depletion, imbalance and dis-ease.  We only have one body, so it makes sense to look after it. If demands are constantly placed on it, then it seems a good idea to counteract the impact of this to keep healthy.

When choosing which modality, the best starting place is to sense which one resonates the most, which one just ‘feels right.’  The modalities of Life Alignment and  Reiki are gentle, non-intrusive and safe for everyone.  The nature of these techniques is that it is the person’s own life force that triggers healing and change from within.  Each session is unique, so everyone’s response is will vary.

As you browse through this site, you may feel drawn to one or more of the techniques. If you can’t decide, why not contact me for a chat or book in for a consultation to discuss and muscle test the most appropriate modality for you.  Quite often, I can combine modalities, and also teach simple, practical and effective techniques, thus offering a personal treatment to help restore balance and wellbeing.

You don’t have to be ill to benefit.  These techniques stand alone as tools for helping to cope better with life, feel whole again and for personal and spiritual growth.  They can be used independently or to support other treatments or interventions.

Please note that I do not provide any kind of diagnosis, nor does what I offer replace conventional medicine or consulting your GP.

Please Contact me with any queries or to make an appointment.