The Art of Being – Let Your Light Shine

Spiritual Facilitation with Louise

Support and Development for Individuals and Reiki practitioners

Over the years of my own personal practice and teaching Reiki, I have come to see spiritual practice as like learning to speak a language or learning to play a musical instrument.  It is a process of outward mastery to inner mastery.  Uncovering the riches and mysteries of your being takes time; it is a voyage of discovery that cannot be rushed, to reveal the true treasures awaiting within you. 

For those people who desire to go deeper into a journey of inner illumination, I offer 1:1 sessions.  It is a space in which each individual’s personal growth is honoured and sessions are unique to what is required in that moment.   In this way, you can journey in a safe and held space, exploring and softening into the edges of your perceived limits.  

Spiritual practice is about being honest and true to oneself. I am inspired by and offer practices from traditional and esoteric Japanese spiritual techniques, alongside insights from my own personal practice. 

Choosing a Facilitator

Choose someone you resonate with.  Whoever you choose, you need to feel secure that this person can support and guide you. It is also important that the person is dedicated to their own practice to ensure they are evolving and refining their own energy from direct experience.  I welcome people to connect with me first, have a chat.