The Art of Reiki – Let Your Light Shine

ReikigoldWhat is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, yet deeply profound, system for spiritual and personal development and healing.  It originated in Japan and these beautiful teachings and practices can bring peace, wellness, harmony, expansion, compassion and alignment with your Inner Light. There are many different types of Reiki and infinite ways that Reiki is taught.  I have studied various versions of  ‘Western’ and ‘Japanese’ Reiki.  I found I was most at home with traditional Japanese Reiki and Japanese esoteric teachings.  No matter what system or teacher you choose, ultimately, it is the same energy.  But it can make a difference how this energy and wisdom is defined, expressed and taught.

For me, the essence of Reiki is about realising the truth of your being, releasing that which you are not, and embracing all that you are.  It is about learning to love and value oneself so that one can view the world with more compassion.  Reiki is a coming home to and a merging with the sacred within.

ReikigoldLearning Reiki with Louise

It has become quite well established to teach all three degrees of Reiki in as little as three single days of training.  This structure has provided thousands of people with access to a wonderful gift.  However,  over the years of teaching, I have come to see learning Reiki as like learning to speak a new language or learning to play a musical instrument.  It is a process of outward mastery to inner mastery.  A single day of tuition scratches the surface.  Uncovering the riches and mysteries of your being takes time; it is a voyage of discovery that cannot be rushed to reveal the true treasures awaiting within you. 

For those people who desire to go deeper into a journey of inner illumination, I teach Reiki in 1:1 lessons with no specified time frame.  This means each individual student’s learning process is honoured and tailormade, and the ‘gold’ in Usui’s teachings can be explored in depth.  The teachings can be absorbed and integrated at a manageable pace and more easily assimilated into daily life.  Each student is in control of their own pace of learning.  If the lessons I offer are nourishing you and helping you grow, we continue; if you want to move on – you are free to go.  In this way, you can journey through all three degrees of Reiki, in an ongoing, natural flow of personal development.  This also means that for 1:1, I do not charge the traditional set/increasing fee for each degree of Reiki.  I simply charge the same price per hour whatever degree you are studying.

I do not teach an absolute replica of what Usui taught.  I don’t think anyone can.  Reiki is about being honest and true to oneself, so I aim to honour the few, known teachings of Usui and draw inspiration from traditional and esoteric Japanese practices that probably influenced his methods, alongside insights from my own personal practice.  For ease of reference, you will find Reiki tuition explained on this site, divided up into the traditional three degrees – Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden

ReikigoldChoosing a teacher

Learning Reiki is potentially life-changing, so choose a system and teacher you resonate with.  More significantly, your teacher is the person that supports/guides you and it is important you can connect with and trust them to support your learning and development. It is also important that the teacher is dedicated to their own practice to ensure they are evolving and refining their own energy and teaching from direct experience.  I welcome people to connect with me first, have a chat and/or a Reiki session.  

ReikigoldIf you are interested in learning Reiki with me, please contact me to enquire.   Details of training fees can be found on the Prices page.