Okuden – Hidden Teachings


Okuden is about deepening your understanding and practice of Reiki.  The hidden teachings are an invitation to explore the hidden/forgotten knowledge deep within your own being.  With established, strong foundations from Shoden, now is the time to both deepen the foundations and to expand your light and consciousness.

Okuden is taught over several classes to allow a deeper experience, integration and assimilation of the energies and the knowledge.


Content includes: Shoden teachings are reviewed and developed. The Kotodama, Shirushi (symbols) and Jumon (mantras), are introduced and explored. Additional techniques are taught including distance healing, Byosen ho and Reiji ho.  

Requirements: Students need to have completed and integrated Shoden teachings prior to undertaking Okuden.  Students are required to continue with self-practice and healing, undertake and complete case studies and keep a personal journal of their learning.

Tuition is available privately as 1:1.