Shinpiden – Mystery Teachings

Shinpiden is ultimately about you. Through your previous learnings, you already have the tools to heal the self. This is about integration at a deep level, finding your truth with Reiki and how you want your Reiki path to develop.

Reikigold Reikigold

This level, often referred to in the West as Master Level.  This is not so much about being a “Master”, but more about mastery of the self.  Time is spent reflecting deeply on your Reiki practice and understanding.  Shoden and Okuden teachings are revisited and delved deeper into. Shinpiden techniques and teachings are shared to explore the deeper mystery and inner truth within yourself.  How to perform Reiju is also an integral part.

Benefits to learning Shinpiden

  • Deepening knowledge of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Deeper awareness of what who you are and how you connect to the universe
  • Feeling of inner peace
  • Finding your true self and worthiness
  • Progressing along your spiritual path
  • Deepening the journey into self-mastery and inner mystery

Students need to have completed Shoden and Okuden with approx 12 month time span between Okuden and Shinpiden. Shinpiden requires a total commitment to Reiki and integrating it into your life fully.  The Shinpiden course can be very intense, so it is advisable that you should already have a dedicated daily Reiki practice and apply previous teachings to daily life.  It should not be undertaken lightly.  There will be a discussion beforehand to ensure we mutually agree you are ready to do this training.
Shinpiden is taught on a 1:1 basis or in a small group of 4-6.

Please contact me to enquire or reserve a space.