Shoden – First Teachings


Shoden sets the foundations of Reiki training and practice.  The foundations are important as they provide the stability and the grounding required to undertake the practice safely and effectively.  Shoden opens you to Reiki energy, increasing the flow of ki (energy) through the body’s energetic pathways and raising your vibration. This stage is about learning to step out of the way, becoming an open and clear channel for Reiki to flow. The benefits of the practice of Reiki brings effective changes in one’s daily life – such as feeling less anxious, feeling more able to go with the flow, not getting triggered by irritations, letting go of the small and bigger stuff. Reiki practice is about self-care, realising your self-worth, learning to love yourself and letting yourself shine.  Shoden equips you with all you need to practice Reiki for your own benefit and also to give to family and friends.

Shoden is taught over several classes to allow a deeper experience, integration and assimilation of the energies and the knowledge.


Content includes: what Reiki is and the purpose of Reiki, the Gokai (Precepts), Reiju, breathing/meditation techniques, qigong,  Reiki history and principles, the three diamonds energy centres, locating and developing the hara, grounding,  introduction to working with energy, how to be a clear channel, creating a therapeutic space, hand positions for self-healing and treating others. A full, comprehensive training manual provides post course reference.

Requirements: students are required to undertake self practice throughout the course.

Tuition is available privately as 1:1.