“Fantastic Reiki course”

Okuden – Level 2

Many thanks Louise for a fantastic Reiki course. It was a beautiful day filled with many insights. As always, your gentle and reassuring nature provided an ideal setting for the teaching of this wondrous gift and continues to support and shape my personal journey. I am incredibly grateful that we have not only met to share the gift of Reiki, but also the ongoing confidence and acceptance you instil in my abilities to channel this energy and heal.

Mel – Derby

“The day was magical and inspiring”

Advanced Techniques
I really loved the work shop.  Louise made me feel very welcome and completely relaxed.  The atmosphere throughout the day was magical and inspiring.  Explanations and demonstrations of the techniques, which were new to me, were very clear, precise and very easy to follow.  The hand-outs are very helpful.   Everyone had the chance to practice each technique to their own satisfaction and there was plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.  For me, the balance of the whole day was just right and I left the workshop feeling elated, inspired and eager to put into practice the new techniques acquired.
Chris Butler – Derby

“Louise is a brilliant teacher”

Shoden – Reiki Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.  Louise was so welcoming and put me at ease.  The pace of the day was perfect. There was ample time for questions and you didn’t feel awkward about clarifying anything.  The practical exercises were brilliant.  Louise is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend the course.


“I found Life Alignment extrememly helpful”

As always, I found Life Alignment extremely helpful.  I was pleased with how at ease I felt and how delicately Louise handled matters. The shift in me didn’t happen immediately, but within a few days I could feel a huge difference. The repetitive thoughts I had been having for months, which were anxiety driven, were gone. Thank you once again.

R. McElroy

“An amazing and revealing experience”

Your kindness and attention to us was really wonderful and very much appreciated. We both had an amazing and revealing experience. Ed especially was really impressed (it wouldn’t have been something that he’d ordinarily consider experiencing!)

Thanks again for making our day ( and our continuing life journey) thoroughly rewarding and delightful.

Jennifer & Ed – Ireland

“stimulating and interesting day”


Thank you for your care and thoroughness. It was a really stimulating and interesting day that opened up many new possibilities.  I enjoyed learning new skills and having my mind opened to new ideas as well as old ones that I had not considered for a while.  I also enjoyed interaction with other course participants. Some of the concepts definitely pushed my boundaries and it was nice to explore these in a safe environment.

anonymous – March 2015

“The true magic of self healing”


I felt a sense of joyful anticipation and knew I would rendezvous with something wonderful. The course exceeded my expectations.  The empowerments were electric.  I feel I have been given permission to do the very thing my heart desires most.  I have observed in wonder at the true magic of the work of healing oneself.
Thank you

Rachel Tytler – May 2015

“Aftercare and supportive relationship is wonderful”


It was great to have a facilitated session where we were all equal. I learned so much and actually left with the confidence to start practising rather than just leaving and being too scared to do it!

Louise is a wonderful teacher and facilitator, and I enjoyed her sharing her experience. The small group sizes allow for a personal touch which really helps to embed the learning. The aftercare Louise provides is amazing – to feel that you have that safety net and ability to maintain the supportive relationship developed in the group is wonderful. I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey with Louise.

anonymous – 2015

“Enabled me to release deep anxiety”

It is not often that I do testimonials, but I feel a need to pass my experience on to others. The treatment enabled me to release deep anxiety, from over the past ten years, lifting a great weight from my shoulders. I now feel at peace and happier with my life, with more energy to face life’s challenges. I cannot thank Louise enough for her help.

Maggie M. – Staffordshire.

“Louise is a wonderful conduit for healing energy”

Louise is a wonderful conduit for healing energy and such a non-judgemental person. The session was extremely peaceful, relaxing and profound, touching right to the core of a deeply held issue that I did not actually present directly to Louise. I highly recommend working with her and I am in the highest Gratitude for loving nature and skill. Thank you.

Sarah R. – Derby

“Very spiritual and life changing”

I received some Reiki from Louise and  soon benefitted from her calm and soothing delivery.  I have found my healing experience with Louise both very spiritual and life changing. Louise has the love and energy to be able to reach deeply into your mind, body and soul and hug you. She is gentle and loving, and will help to lead you to find your peace.
Clare Fairholm – Bristol