I am registered on the Derby Speakers List and regularly invited as a speaker to give talks for various groups and events in Derby and the East Midlands.  I have many years experience working with groups, and combined with my passion for the subject and meeting people, the talks prove to be enlightening, engaging and highly enjoyable.  The length and content of the talk can be tailored to your requirements and can explore a particular healing technique or a combination.

Below are the current talks offered:


The traditional Art of Reiki originated in Japan and was developed by Mikao Usui. Although the healing aspect of Reiki is well know in the West, Usui’s system was originally devised for one’s own spiritual development, to find one’s inner Truth of Being. This is the true purpose of Reiki – to realise one’s true self, find inner peace and live from the heart. The ultimate healing tool is the individual’s dedication to healing the self. Practising Reiki can help you to come to know yourself, feel connected and live in alignment with life.
This talk gives an overview of the history and practice of Reiki and the many benefits Reiki can bring to one’s life.

An Introduction to Hara

Hara is the Japanese word for belly.  But it is so much more than this in Japan.  The art or mastery of Hara is a way of life.  The hara is the physical centre of gravity of the human body, but the Japanese believe it is also the energetic gateway to your entire being.
This talk explores how working with the hara can bring enormous benefits to daily life – being more grounded and centred, combating anxiety, creating more vitality, releasing tension from the body and mind.

Life Alignment – Align with your True Purpose

Explore this revolutionary and profound system of healing. Life Alignment recognises the multi-faceted nature of ill-health and dis-ease, incorporating the whole person and their environment. Learn how internal factors, (such as your thoughts and emotions), and external factors, such as (geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation), can affect your well-being and what can be done about it! This talk is full of enlightening demonstrations so you can experience for yourself the transformational modality of Life Alignment that supports deep personal healing.

“Life Alignment is not just a healing technique but a journey of self discovery of our true purpose.”

An Introduction to Energy Work

This is a wonderful exploration into the human body, its energy field and the world around us from an energetic perspective.  Understanding the human being as an energetic/electromagnetic being helps us to appreciate how we interact, adapt and function in our environments and how the environment interacts, affects and impacts on our bodies and health.  This talk looks at the principles of energy work and ways to keep ourselves healthy energetically.  It is also possible to give an overview of Reiki and Life Alignment  during this talk and how the above principles underpin these modalities.

Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

This talk is a basic introduction to the ancient skill of dowsing or divining. We look at the principles and etiquette required for accurate dowsing. How to use the pendulum and rods as tools for dowsing. How dowsing can be used as a tool in everyday life.
In addition, we look at Geopathic Stress. How Healthy is your Home? Research shows living in Geopathic Stress and man-made Electromagnetic Fields can contribute to significant health problems. This talk explains what these energies are, the effects of living in these energies and what can be done about it to protect you and your home.
(This subject can be done as 2 separate talks).

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