Offering a Space for Spiritual Growth and Wellbeing

Everybody’s path in life is unique.  We are all on a journey to manifest our full potential and share our gifts with the world.  Sometimes we get stuck and just need a little help.  My work is to create a safe and expansive space that facilitates your healing and growth.  Whether your priority is exploring personal development or your emotional well-being, as an experienced practitioner, I support you in restoring ease and balance in your life, helping you align with your true potential.

Services Available

Reiki Training/Tuition, Reiki, MeditationLife Alignment

I offer single, short or long term sessions.  It is possible to combine modalities, and I also teach simple, practical and effective techniques, for a personalised approach.  Sessions are available in person and remotely via skype, Zoom or phone.

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I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on Life’s journey.