Living in Light – Let Your Light Shine

Everybody’s path in life is unique and so is navigating the inner quest to manifest one’s full potential and share one’s gifts with the world.  Life is an opportunity to come to know fully who you really are, love every part of yourself and allow the complete mystery of your being to be expressed freely.  Over the years of my own personal practice and teaching Reiki, I have come to see spiritual practice as like learning to speak a language or learning to play a musical instrument.  It is a process of outward mastery to inner mastery.  Uncovering the riches and mysteries of your being takes time; it is a voyage of discovery that cannot be rushed, to reveal the true treasures awaiting within you. 

I am currently devoting my most of my time to Sacred Photography and writing.  However, I do have limited space available to offer private meditation and spiritual mentoring.  I invite you to work with me if: you are ready to discover your depths, or feel you are at a threshold of personal evolution, wish to honour the truth of your being or yearn to let your light shine bright. Listen to your heart as to what feels right for you.  You are welcome to contact me to discern whether what I offer is right for you.