Reiki Tuition

Human evolution is accelerating. Many more people are questioning the external world and society, and are consequently seeking deeper within themselves to find peace and who they truly are. The spiritual path is no longer just for the dedicated yogis, monks or the religious. Spiritual practice is about being honest and true to oneself, it is about embracing compassion for yourself and for all, it is discerning between the mind and truth, it is realising your inherent essence and oneness with Life. Reiki is a spiritual practice that everyone can learn and receive the benefits. It is an invitation to discover your inner truth, feel liberated and let your light shine.

The Reiki teachings are an invitation to explore the hidden/forgotten knowledge deep within your own being.  I have lineages in both Japanese and Western systems of Reiki. The esoteric, Japanese teachings resonnate the most for me and this is what I draw upon, alongside years of extensive personal practice, research and experience, to offer indepth tuition.

Tuition is only available 1:1 and will be tailored specifically to each individual’s needs. Due to the nature of how I teach, I only have space to take on 1 or 2 students at a time. I teach Reiki as a series of ongoing lessons. Over the years of my own personal practice, I have come to see spiritual practice as like learning to speak a language or learning to play a musical instrument.¬† It is something that can not be accomplished in a day’s workshop. It is a process of outward mastery to inner mastery.¬†Uncovering the riches and mysteries of your being takes time; it is a voyage of discovery that cannot be rushed, to reveal the true treasures awaiting within you. The pace, duration and frequency is determined by the student. There is no set time frame. What is important is the space for each student to allow a deeper experience, integration and assimilation of the energies and the knowledge. Reiki techniques will include meditation, breathing techniques, mantras/chanting, visualisations and contemplations.

Benefits to learning Reiki

  • Deepening knowledge of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Gaining insights into yourself, help you to focus in the moment and to stay more centred and grounded in your Being.
  • Deeper awareness of what and who you are and how you connect to the universe
  • Feeling of inner peace
  • Finding your true self and worthiness
  • Progressing along your spiritual path
  • Deepening the journey into self-mastery and inner mystery

Come home to your true essence and let the light of your being radiate.

Sessions are online.

Feel free to enquire for availability. Contact

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