About Louise

My Passion:
Underpinning my own growth, and my work with others over the years, is the enquiry and exploration into the mystery and true nature of human beings.  My life so far has been a movement towards honouring the deep call of the soul, to develop the relationship between myself and the sacred, to say yes to dancing with the Divine.

I have always had a deep awe of human beings’ capacity for inner transformation and going beyond the boundaries of perceived limitations.   I am committed to creating a space that supports this process of inner alchemy, both within myself and facilitating it within others. It is always a privilege to be part of someone’s spiritual growth and personal evolution.

Today: This is a period of metamorphosis as I am emerging from the profound rite of passage of sacred menopause.  Life is now calling me to explore new ways of being, creative expression and how to be of service.  I am dedicating more of my time to writing and photography to support people’s spiritual practice and growth.  The photography page is still being created.  All images on this website have been created by myself and I will be adding more soon.  If you like the images and would like to see more, feel free to contact me. 
I also have some space available to offer 1:1 meditation and spiritual mentoring.

Inspirations and Influences:
nature – the earth, elements, light, shadows, textures, flora/fauna, landscapes;
life – human biology, people, relationships, experiences, the breath;
travel – the unknown, people, places, sights, sounds, tastes, moving out of one’s comfort zone;
music – sound, silence, vibration, resonance, harmony, discordance, rhythm, frequency, alignment;
the abstract – meditation, dreamworld, intuition, expansion, metaphysics, quantum physics, vibrational medicine;
the divine – the mystery of being, the magic and the miracles, stillness, silence, sacred space, unity, coherence, void.

Origins that Shaped Today:
2010 – 2021 The birth and growth of Dancing Dragonfly, working as a Reiki teacher/practitioner and a practitioner in Life Alignment and Metamorphic Technique.
1995 – 2005 Occupational Therapist specialising in Mental Health in the NHS and in the later years, person-centred counsellor.