Ethos – from the ancient Greek, meaning
the state of being; the inner source, the original essence that forms a person.

I believe there is a universal intelligence that is ever present and exists within all life. Each human being is a unique expression of an omnipresent Universal Intelligence, light and lifeforce.  Most humans begin to shut off or close down from our natural capacity to be in touch with the freedom of being and our Inner Light.  Healing is a call from within, a process of remembering and rediscovering our wholeness and oneness.

“Illness is not the enemy; it is the messenger. Illness is a story.”
Deena Metzger


True healing is a process that takes us much deeper than trying to fix the surface layer of symptoms.  Healing is a process that comes from within and is a path to rediscovering the Truth of our Beings.  We all have within ourselves vast resources for growth, healing and transformation. This innate intelligence can be accessed and relied upon to guide us.  Symptoms  and imbalances are an invitation to listen to our bodies and our hearts.

Growth happens automatically when the environment is favourable. In the right conditions, a flower effortlessly reaches for the light. – Diana Cooper